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See For Yourself…

A unique feature of having customized guided programs allows me to create different sessions to meet my personal needs. Group practice helps me learn additional exercises. I’ve also used the practice tips provided to help with chronic back and neck injuries. I am very happy with the guidance provided and the results I’ve enjoyed.


Verified App User

After using and participating for a month, all free, I noticed improvement in my overall health and stamina. I have joined for the year to access additional material and lectures. This app is far superior to any online information or book/DVD as it empowers me to direct the course to my personal needs. I’m very happy with the instruction and results.


Verified App User

This is the best qigong App I’ve ever found! Clear instruction, clear demonstration, and plenty of guided practice. I can tell they have a system cuz I was guided to learn and practice daily. Very Good experience! Please keep updating this App with new qigong courses. I will definitely follow and use it everyday!

Del Y.Z.

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So, Why A Qigong System?

Let’s face it. Many people started Qigong by watching a video or reading a book. But most will fail and give up midway and think it’s not for them. 

That’s why you need a Qigong system. A good Qigong system combines progressive learning, clearly instructed guides, and a community to provide a mutually supportive environment.

The Qigong System is The Secret To Your Health

The difference between the 98% Qigong hobbyists and the 2% Qigong practitioners

Without A System
  • no idea
  • no plan
  • no commitment
  • few results
With A System
  • clear about what works
  • clear about what’s next
  • fully committed
  • better results quicker

Do you want to see the results sooner?

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Onenergy Qigong is A Proven qigong system that combines Years of wisdom And experience!

Master Dai and Coach Delphine have brought their combined 50+ years of experience and knowledge, put together and carefully designed the Onenergy Qigong, a Qigong system that guarantees the results you are looking for. 

Hundreds of people have used their system and the App to achieve their health goals. Now it’s your turn!

And It Can Do Way More…

Onenergy Qigong Gives You Everything You Need to Learn, Practice, And Interact With The Other Gonyo* Online

  • The practitioners are called Gonyo in Onenergy Qigong!

All In One APP!


Startup Learning

Start with 47 preparatory lessons and more in the learning hub.


Advanced Learning

Progress to intermediate and advanced courses and programs.


Continue Learning

Wisdom library of videos, podcasts, and Onenergy Exclusive content.


Solo Practice

Unlock the solo guided practice after completing the lesson.


Group Practice

Complete a set of lessons to unlock its guided group practice.


Customized Routine

Tailor your Qigong routine to your needs.


Progress Tracking

Track your learning and practicing progress, and collect Qi points.



Create your group and share your routines. (coming soon)


AI Planner

Integrate AI technology in your Qigong practice planning. (coming soon)

Onenergy Qigong Gives You Everything You Need To Enhance Your Health In All Dimensions

The Most Downloaded & Used Qigong APP since 2022!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Onenergy APP is listed on both the Play Store and the APP Store as Onenergy Qigong And Meditation.

Yes! The Onenergy Qigong APP is available to all countries and areas where the Google Play Store and Apple APP Store support.

Yes! The Onenergy Qigong APP has a desktop version. Your data will be synchronized between your computers and mobile devices. However, the desktop version has limited functions. For example, there is no access to practices or custom routines in the desktop version. Full App features and functions are available in all mobile versions (for smartphones, Tablets and iPads).

The APP is ready for multiple languages. The primary language is English. We will roll out one new language at a time. The next one will be Spanish (Español). You can select your language when starting the App and change it in the account settings after login.

Yes! The App is free to download and use. You will have access to free lessons and practices after you set up a free user account. You can become an Onenergy VIP member to have full access to the custom routine builder, all preparatory lessons and practices, and many other benefits.

The Onenergy Qigong is more than Qigong methods or techniques. It is a profound system that can guide you to progress from the beginning to the advanced level. Most importantly, it will help you achieve what you desire, including your body and mental health, improving overall life quality. It suits anyone at any age and level, especially Qigong newbies and beginners.